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Business Owners: Jason and Tammy

Bona Nox Firearms is a licensed 07 Manufacturer FFL/SOT dealer committed to:
Firearm Safety
High Integrity and Honest Business Ethics
Providing customers information on: firearm safety, maintenance, cleaning, custom machining and product testing, target shooting
Seeking the best product, price and customer experience
Jason grew up with firearms so his passion for sharing his knowledge and expertise with others comes naturally. He loves building custom guns and doing personalized machining for customers. His experience and expertise along with his dedication to firearm education is evident with the number of repeat customers, client referrals and overall feedback he receives because of his personal interest in each customer and it shows.
Tammy grew up in a military family. Her in-depth knowledge of firearms expanded when she assisted Jason on his custom builds. Then her work at a gun range in Everett, WA led to being taught to shoot by a law enforcement instructor. His attention to detail and high expectations led her to competitive shooting. Tammy learned marksmanship along with the proper cleaning and breakdown of firearms. As a special benefit of doing business with Jason and Tammy, they will accompany a customer to the target range for product testing and break-ins plus coach them on the finer points of their new purchase.
Jason and Tammy opened their business to share their knowledge, expertise and enjoyment of what it means to be a responsible and law-abiding firearm owner. They are committed to setting the bar high so each customer knows they care, will follow-up and will provide an individual experience that sets them apart from others.
Gun Transfers available for your online purchase
NFA/SOT Transfers available
We also sell SOG products
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